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03 :: Technical Services

Technical reports on design or construction matters are provided for bankers, insurers, and the legal profession. Work for bankers includes the review of construction methods and schedules before funding decisions. Our service to financial institutions also includes technical assessment before acquisition of assets and independent project monitoring during the execution phase of the project.

In the insurance field, we act as advisors to insurance brokers. For very large and technically difficult projects, we are able to offer a sophisticated risk analysis involving a simulation of the project development by computer model. During construction we also advise insurance loss adjusters on technical issues and investigate the causes of failures. Our services to the legal profession include expert opinions and assistance in litigation.

Building Appraisals
Property Acquistion Services
Audits of Partially Completed Buildings

Through our associate company, Stewart Engineers Limited, we are able to provide a full range of construction commercial services relating to construction contract conditions, the resolution of disputes, claims defence, conciliation and adjudication, and mediation and arbitration.

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