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02 :: Commercial and Contract Management (Continued)

• Contract Changes

Full range of services from outline advice as to strategy through to full documentation preparation and assistance with negotiation. The service covers all aspects of requests for additional costs and extensions of time from notification through detailed submission and negotiation.

Our team will commence by discussing the problem with the contractor’s management. All relevant data will be reviewed and an initial presentation will be given to the contractor. Usually two to three weeks of review will be necessary. However, if we have been carrying out contractual monitoring the review stage can be shortened. During the initial presentation we will discuss the contractual status of the request for “time or costs”, suggest an approach and provide a recommended document format. At this stage it will normally be possible to agree a document preparation schedule.

The second stage of the service concerns the preparation of the “claim” document. Factual data and the relevant contract provisions will be presented. The basis for the application will be clearly identified and all costs supported in an easily understood format. During the preparation of the claim document we will report at agreed regular intervals. This is usually done by visits to the contractor’s offices.

When we have completed the document we will provide the contractor with copies for review. When all of the comments have been incorporated we will produce the requisite number of bound copies.
If required, we are also available to assist in negotiating the matter with the client or his project manager.

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